Fairway Bunker Shots can be intimidating at first glance. Especially if you’re facing a high front lip of the bunker between you and your intended target. The best thing to do before even thinking about what you’re going to do is take a deep breath and relax. This is not as difficult a shot as you think, unless you plan to get greedy.

Realize that all golf shots are opportunities to solve a problem. In this case, the variables to your problem are you’re ball does not lie on grass, your feet will most likely shift a little as you swing, and it’s job #1 to strike the ball first with the club that will get the ball flying over the lip and as far as possible, without causing you an extra stroke.

Solve the problem in a logical order, understanding how fluffy or dry the sand may be and take your stance in the sand by gentle pivoting your feet so they sink in the sand no more than .5 inches. As you do so, insure that your ball position is no farther forward than the middle of your stance. And chose the club that insures when struck properly, the ball will clear the lip in front of you. Sometimes that will mean your shot will end up short of a green. Be willing to accept the punishment and go about your problem solving to insure you don’t cost yourself an extra stroke trying to play a super hero shot that is not within your arsenal of shot ability.

And if all else fails as a beginner golfer and you’re looking to have fun and not torture yourself, toss the ball back in the fairway and make a not that fairway bunkers is a phase of your skills you need to practice the next time your scheduled to see your coach.