Rotational shifting to set the low point

The golf swing is a rotational movement not a lateral transfer of weight back and forth. This is a fact not easily understood by most high handicappers.

Because we turn, bend, tilt and sway in a golf swing we have to synchronize various motions with one intention—low point control. The golfer first trains a low point so as to always make ball first contact. Uniform ball position for shots off the ground with varying stance widths (short club more narrow stance) is one way to keep the ball position in the same spot.

Until ball first contact is locked in, the player is most likely moving away from center several inches on the backswing. I usually place a golf ball under the outside portion of the trail leg with a flared trail foot (20 degrees). This will prevent body migration away from the target and keep the player centered on the backswing. It makes the player feel a more centered turn. I then discuss what is happening with the players bends and tilts as well.

Little to no migration on the backswing and then some lead leg pivot on the downswing should help the player make ball first contact. Come see us at Golftec and we will help you in grain your low spot!