Security Job added to Responsibility

We are doing well as can be expected. My wife and I both are PGA Golf Professionals in the New York Metropolitan Area, which has been the epicenter for this crazy pandemic. Fortunately, both our families are healthy and staying positive, but it is definitely a strange time for both of us. We are both fortunate that our employers are continuing to keep the both of us on payroll despite the challenges of our facilities being closed.

I have been heading to work five days a week along with my assistant professionals, we are patrolling the golf course in golf carts. We are keeping neighbors from running, walking their pets on the course, fishing in our ponds, and children playing on the course. This time also gives us an opportunity to interact from the appropriate social distance with any members that are walking on the course.
We also are creating online videos to share with our members on instagram and social media to keep our members interested and involved in golf.