Seeing is believing!

For me, my favorite putting aid is the EyeLine putting mirror. I’ve used the small version and currently have the new groove model in my bag. I use this mirror before every tournament round as well as every practice session. It’s simple to set up and hits multiple putting facets all in one. I place the mirror down about 4 feet away from the hole on as straight of a putt as I can find. Once I have my spot, I get in my setup and check my eye position for the day. I find that what feels comfortable for myself changes ever so slightly throughout the season. This allows me to dial in my setup before heading out.

Next, I place 2 tees in the slots to create my putting gate (just barely enough room for my putter to fit through). Now that I have my setup dialed in and the putter get setup, I can now work on feeling my stroke and seeing ball after ball roll in. I find that it is super helpful to see the ball go in a lot before a round, that way you feel that you can make more putts when you get out on the course.

If you don’t feel like dropping some cash down for a company made training aid, tees and coins are the next best thing. You can create putter gates with the tees and start line drills with the coins. It’s all about feedback. If what you are using isn’t providing you with significant feedback, you may be using it wrong or that training aid isn’t the right fit for your game. You know your game the best so always be sure to do and use what is best for you. Happy golfing!