Set up against a wall with your backside barely touching...

“Over the Top” is the result of a backswing that gets too inside and horizontal (usually with a wide open clubface). This causes the shaft to become heavy and out of balance. A person then re-routes the club up and “over the top” seeking balance. Most of the time when this happens it becomes the tale of two extremes and doesn’t self-correct. The club swings across the ball most of time with an open clubface. The ball will typically start left of the intended target line due to the fact that the path of the club head is swinging left, but the ball curves right because of the open clubface.

Correction Drill:

Set up against a wall with your backside barely touching. As you swing back, keep the clubface square to the ball (will feel closed) and swing the club up the wall without hitting the wall. This will help in grain the proper backswing plane. Repeat this and you are well on your way to a good golf swing. Go hit some shots with this same feeling. The club will naturally begin to swing down on the correct plane on its own with a square face. This will lead to very solid shots.