Shift Your Weight Properly

Most ‘scoops’ are the result of an incorrect weight shift on the downswing and follow through. A ‘scoop’ is often coupled with a falling back onto the trail foot as the player tries to lift the golf ball into the air. It can be very difficult to time the release of the scooping motion, which causes poor strikes and a severe loss of power.

To help eliminate the flipping of the hands at impact, it is important to shift your weight to your lead side as you follow through. A good drill is to take some practice swings where your trail foot crosses over the lead foot just after impact, as if you are going to walk after your shot immediately. This will get your weight shifted more properly and help you create energy that moves toward your target instead of away from it. It is also helpful to practice taking divots. Place a tee fairly low in the ground as if you were hitting an iron, and practice clipping the tee as you take a divot on the target side of the tee. Taking a divot does not help if you hit 3 inches behind the golf ball, so practice making divots in the correct place directly post-impact.

These tips should help you hit down through the golf ball with a proper weight shift, which will result in longer, properly struck golf shots.