Simple Tips for Better Alignment

Using alignment rods or clubs is always the go to when it comes to this. But after a few swings they must often times get moved.

Here it was I do with my students.

Instead of having the alignment rod at your feet or by the club. Set two alignment rods or clubs. 3 feet in from of your golf ball. The rods should be about 4 inches wide. Aimed at your target of course.

What this will do is provide a better visual for the down the line/ to the target view.

Your goal of this drill is to get as many golf balls to travel through your “gate”

When we take this to the course. What you should do is in your Pre-shot routine. Visualize a gate inline with your target. 4 feet in front of you.

And when lining up lead with your club first. Place your club inline with your gate and feet parallel to that. Most times we tend to align up our feet to the target and ultimately that leads to your club being off line to the target.

The club needs to be align with the target. Feet parallel.

I hope this tip helps you on the course!