Stay at home

The Golf Course that I Teach at was one of the first in the Philadelphia Section to close do to COVID 19. The Course is owned by the Township and they got ahead of this outbreak right away.

I live in Montgomery County and in the beginning we had the most COVID 19 cases in the state of Pennsylvania. Because of this the Governor implemented a stay at home order for our County earlier than most places.

I had a Teaching Studio built about a year and a half ago. I felt like, to a certain degree I was making myself “bullet proof”. The Studio allowed me the ability to Teach year round and during inclement weather in season. Everything was going along even better than I had hoped for. Unfortunately I never expected to see anything like this.

Like most Professionals I have a data base of customers. I normally send out Golf Tips to them once or twice a month. All I did this month was send them well wishes for themselves, family and friends. I let them know that I was here for them if they had any golf specific questions or just wanted to talk.

On a personal note, I hope that everyone gets through this crisis safely and is lucky enough that COVID 19 does not affect your friends or loved ones.

Be Safe.