Staying hydrated and fueled with food is an easy way to eliminate silly mistakes

As we have all experience, high level competitions are never as well paced as they should be. 4 1/2 hours would be a great pace. Typically you will see a round coming closer to 5. Rarely do I ever go 5 hours without having some sort of snack when I’m off the course, why should on the course be any different.

Keeping our energy levels up during a competitive round of golf is very important. It keeps our energy levels up and helps us stayed focused for all 18 holes. Staying hydrated and fueled with food is an easy way to eliminate silly mistakes. All golfers are different on what their preferences are snack/drink wise, I myself prefer a Gatorade with a banana, peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a bag of peanuts. If I don’t have Gatorade then water is the next best option. Stay away from highly carbonated drinks (they make you gassy and bloated) and greasy foods (they can upset your stomach and if you grab your club with greasy hands your grips will forever be greasy too).

If you are competing at a high level you probably have a good idea of what foods you enjoy on the course and which ones you save for after the round. Always be sure to start eating your snacks early in your round. You may only be on the 4th hole and don’t feel hungry, but if you wait until you are hungry then you will not be able to get back to the high energy level you need to perform at you highest level!