Steady head , Steady golf

I can’t think of any key that is more important when it comes to solid ball striking!

Keeping the head reasonably steady and your eyes keenly focused on the ball, is the bottom line if you want to hit solid golf shots!

Every golfer knows this,yet most golfers neglect this huge key to solid play. Tour players do not!!!

When I interview PGA Tour Players, LPGA Tour Players, and PGA Champion’s Tour players, I always ask what are your three most important physical swing keys, EVERY one includes keeping the head still and ” keeping the head “behind the ball” as the most important thought when it comes time to pull the trigger, and execute a solid, in control, consistent golf shot! ANY club, ANY situation.

Those who don’t play well are generally focused and consumed with things that don’t really matter. Their mind is wandering around looking at the backswing,and worried about their swing look,s etc…. I don’t care! Learn to keep your % $#*&*@ ing !!!!! head down and trust your swing, bottom line! Master this key and then take care of all of the fashion and appearance stuff later! Try these simple drills, and get busy playing better golf! Start by taking ten full swings without stopping, while focused on a tee or blade ao grass. Look at your eyes or head while you swing in a sliding glass door or mirror, and insist on keeping your head still.Try Jack Nicklaus’s head- tilt to stay down better. Explore and focus on this all-important Key , and you WILL become a more confident ball striker