Stick the finish

Like Gymnasts who get deductions for not sticking the finish so should golfers. I call it your destination a place to end. Stick the finish!

I had much success teaching with starting golfers to begin in the finish. Place them in a perfect finish then go back and return to the perfect finish. This taught any golfer the destination the place to get to no Matter what . From the perfect finish, swing back into a backswing then go back into the place/position where you started from and hold your place, stick it. Did you? It takes a few swings to flow the movements but it shows the importance of getting all the parts to the end , finish, follow thru or destination.

This focus point of taking all that energy into the Back swing and showing it specifically where to go, “stick the finish”, takes the mind off the ball. Form is important to consistency. Most backswings are repeatable I see so many follow throughs that are not. Challenge: Start in the finish and go back and end where you began. You can hit balls this way preferably in practice, off tee pegs. There will be some OMG’s this way.