Stop Doing this!

Without a doubt, the single worst piece of advice that still permeates golf instruction, golf courses and driving ranges across the world is the simple four words that people think fixes everything: Keep your head down!

When ever anyone tops a ball, hits a bad shot, the fix all advice is always “keep your head down”. But not one good player does it.
I will often walk the range and stop at someone struggling and will ask them what they are working on. The usual response is ” I’m trying to keep my head down, left arm stiff and make a big turn” and I’ll say “That’s great, because you are doing all of the things you are trying to do, unfortunately, they are all wrong.”

All good players, think David Duval, Anika, Nicklaus, Tiger all finished with their head up looking at the target, body facing the target and their right toe ( right handed player) in the ground and right heel up..

Certainly, the head can stay some what still for the back swing but there needs to be athletic motion during the golf swing!