Stretch like CRAZY

As the colder weather approaches, golfers are just happy to still be playing. But it’s a hassle to warm up on the range because it’s COLD. Players would rather ride than walk because it’s COLD. There’s very little practice sessions because it’s COLD. So my recommendation is to keep as flexible as possible. Use the warm water of the shower to stretch. Take an extra five minutes to get loose, in the shower. Stretch in the morning, stretch mid-day, stretch before bedtime. Because when the weather breaks for those 40-45 degree days in February and you want to play, the last thing you need is an injury. We run to the club, straight from the car to the first tee, and even without practice, you can play well enough to have fun and avoid injury. And being a diligent stretcher this winter will have you physically fit in the Spring to keep your game where it was in the Fall.