Super Speed

I was able to attend a SuperSpeed Seminar in our Section before COVID hit in 2020. I was familiar with the SuperSpeed program because I had already been using the product prior to attending. I found the seminar to be very informative and a nice educational tool.

I do believe amateur golfers can increase swing speed without losing accuracy. SuperSpeed has a great training program to learn how to do this.

From my personal experience, you can definitely increase your clubhead speed. I think the trick is to understand that you are trying to max out your swing speed when training, but that doesn’t mean you need to max out your swing speed on the course. If you’re increasing your max speed in training, then when you go out an play at 85 to 90% of your capacity you will be swinging faster than what you did before and you should obviously pick up more distance.

Now it is definitely possible that you may miss a few more fairways than before, but if you are able to hit an 8 iron into a green instead of a 6 iron into the green, your accuracy into the green should be a whole lot better.

I believe hitting greens is far more important than hitting fairways.