Swing a three wood with confidence!

Using a three wood off the tee is a great option and tool to have in your bag.

There are situations, and certain holes during every round where the choice is given to “get it in play” or “go for it”. The basic risk-reward factor is an important aspect of the game. Many factors need to be considered, including the length, shape, and width of the fairway, How am I hitting the driver today?, Do I have a good round going? and out of play on this hole could spell disaster and a big number. If in an event, where do I stand and what do I stand to gain or lose?

The bottom line is to explore the tee shot with a three wood, lock in a go-to- guaranteed “in the grass” shot, and have this available as an option.

The fact is, if you have great doubt in your mind about getting your driver in play, and fear is running the show at the moment, you are MUCH better off swinging a three wood with confidence, as opposed to making a weak , tentative, and uncommitted rip at a driver. Experiment and explore this option. Great players have it scripted in the game plan long before they start the round.

Go well , have fun out there!