Swing through the ball

One of the biggest issues I see with students that top the ball is that they are trying so hard to “HIT” the ball that they lose focus of the target. The club is coming down on top of the ball as they try to lift it in the air. Frustrating to watch it roll on the ground.
A couple thoughts for them are:

1. Think about swinging the club through the golf ball and at the target. This shallows the bottom of the swing and helps to catch the ball squarely.

2. Think of swinging the toe of the club to the target. This will help you to keep the arms “extended” and not lift up shortening the arc of the swing.

3. NEVER try to hit the ball ALWAYS swing the club. A hit is a chopping motion which is not a good way to get the ball air born.

Good luck and remember that there is a Golf Professional waiting to help you.