Take Your Time

I have worked with hundreds of golfers that have clubs in their bag that they don’t use. Most of the time it is because they have no confidence in them, or they don’t know how far they go. My recommendation when it comes to club fitting is to take your time. Take the time to work with a reputable club fitter that will help you fill in the distance gaps between your longest iron and the driver, and your pitching wedge and most lofted wedge.

Take the time to hit different fairway woods and hybrids with different shaft flexes, and weight until you are confident that you have the right club. I personally like feeling of more weight in my fairway woods but I know plenty of golfers that want a lighter feeling. Take the time and find one that performs the best for you.

Finding the right wedge set up is also very personal, and it depends a lot on how far you hit your irons. If you hit your pitching wedge 140 yards, you may need 3 wedges, but if your pitching wedge goes 90 yards, you may only need one other wedge.