Target side hand comes first

We all know what a bicycle wheel with bent spokes would look like. Typically, the wheel has 38 spokes as I recall. The golf swing is like a wheel with your center of balance being the axle. But we only have two spokes–right arm, left arm. And as we swing away from the ball, the trail side arm must either bend, or the target side arm has to grow about one foot longer! So, we’re down to ONE straight spoke, the target side arm. Therefore, the target side grip must make that arm’s job as easy as possible. As pictured, being able to do this Ben Hogan drill ensures that we give the target side hand/arm a huge mechanical advantage over the club, making it easier to do the job. Test this yourself by placing the club in your hand as pictured (securing the club with the pointer finger and the pad above the pinky alone), and without wrapping any other fingers around the grip, you can give the club a pretty good rap against a post, tire, or tree and the club will not be dislodged. Obviously, this will allow the player to use a relaxed grip, not too tight, meaning more speed and control.