The 5-10-15 Drill

The 5-10-15 Drill. Start by finding a place on the putting green that is relatively flat. If there is some slope, going in a straight uphill/downhill direction is best. Start by placing a tee in the green. Now place three additional tees in the ground at 5, 10 and 15 paces from the start. Starting at either end with 3 balls, roll a putt to the farthest tee, only evaluating if it went the correct distance. Roll the second putt to the middle tee and the last putt to the closest tee. Again, you are only concerned with hitting the putt the correct distance. Now walk out and putt the three balls back to the starting point beginning at the closest tee, middle tee and farthest tee. By putting the three different distances in succession, you will more quickly be able to identify the changes needed in your stroke to vary the distance of the putt. Repeat the process until you can roll all 6 putts the correct distance and then start again using the opposite end as your starting point. The criteria for a good distance is 6″ short to 12″ past.