The Big Three Faults in your swing

Obviously golfers have can have numerous swing faults but let’s point out the big three.

First, their setup to include grip, ball position, clubface aim, body posture and positioning are off leading to numerous compensations in their motion to correct the problem.

Secondly, Club is swung with just arms and hands on downswing leading to improper contact and direction of shot. Your core to include chest, shoulders and abs must engage and keep rotating to finish.

This leads us to our third worry, improper balance and finish of the golf swing. Related to the last two you must end up the motion with your chest to the target and weight on foot closest to the target. That comes from proper setup, full release of the body and timing it all in proper sequence. You can see it comes full circle but this is the motion I strive for with my students.

So setup correctly, engage your torso/core and hit your finish. Now get out there and strike a pose today on the course. Good luck!!