The critical things are the correct read and perfect speed

There is “no right way” to do in putting. There’s no perfect putter no perfect way to putt!

It’s not the style or the putter. The critical things are the correct read and perfect speed. If you have those two things you will make allot of putts, the ball does not care how you do it . The fun part of putting and golf is putting is something everyone can do. You can also make huge gains in reducing your putting by experimenting with it, trying new things or staying with what you do already and having infinite patience. Getting eyes over the ball is not what the best putters have done over the many years, eyes inside the ball is most used, it’s more comfortable, you can also see the line more easily from farther away due to your head not having to tip and tilt too much. The best thing to do try standing very close eyes directly over the ball first, then start gradually moving farther away from the ball until you feel comfortable for you. Then stay there, focus on sending the ball along the line you chose at the right speed!
“ I stroke the ball at the right speed to go in that’s all I think of” Bob Charles one of the best putter in the world.