The Golf Grip Is No Philosophy!

The golf grip is no philosophy. Any qualified and trained instructor should know these facts with regards to the golf grip. First, the grip has the most influential effect on club face angle at impact, which determines how the ball curves or does not curve in the air. However, there is a correct way to hold the club and incorrect ways. If your grip is too weak with the top hand not showing at least two knuckles when you look down at it, the ball has more of a tendency to slice. To see just the first two knuckles of your top hand promotes a more neutral (proper) grip. Likewise, if the top hand is too strong (showing more than two knuckles), the ball is more likely to hook. Also, with regards to holding the club, it should be held in your fingers always, but never in the palm of your hand. Holding the club in the palm of your hand usually does not allow the club face to rotate through impact (leaving the club face open), which causes the ball to slice!