The inside path to better golf

As a golf instructor helping a “slicer” experience a hook/draw is very exciting for both the teacher and the player. It is critical for long term development of a player to learn to hit an intentional hook. Nearly every low handicap player develops this skill.

The ingredients for the hook/draw are simple. Through impact the club face MUST be closed in relation to the direction of the swing. How to do this is the “million dollar question”. My preference as an instructor is to help the player acquire a correct lead hand grip that will allow the club to behave properly. As well “if needed” I will help them learn the feel of controlling the club face through proper lead hand wrist and hand action coming into and through impact. Once the player can achieve impact with a club face closed relative to the swing direction ball will hook. Usually the ball will go much farther and way off line. To get the new ball flight into their target, I will then set up an obstacle course to help the player learn to get in charge of the forward swing direction. This new combo of swing direction and club face alignment will change their golfing life.