The Most Versatile Training Aid: The Towel

A towel can the be the most versatile training aid in any golfer’s arsenal. A towel can quickly increase club head speed, improve touch on the putting green, or even promote crisp chip shots around the fringe. During your next practice session try these tips with a towel:

1. When you’re on the driving range, place a towel between your lead bicep and your pectoral muscle. Keep it pinched throughout the golf shot. This arm/body connection easily increases club head speed for further drives and longer iron shots.

2. As you chip around the practice green, place an unfolded towel an inch behind your golf ball. When you chip, make sure to miss your towel. This will promote a perfect chip, and you will stop hitting the dreadful “fat” chip shot.

3. The next time you practice putting, grab three rolled up towels. Place the first one eight yards away, the second ten yards away, and the third twelve yards away. Try and hit ten golf balls between each towel. This will help you master your speed control on the greens.

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