The Orange Whip Trainer

The Orange Whip Trainer is the best instrument to use in golf swing training, today. It is a great golf swing training aid designed to help train the tempo of your golf swing. Think tempo, feel tempo, I always say! Every golfer should strive to have perfect golf swing tempo! Swings like Ernie Els’s and Freddie Couples’s are graceful and inspiring. These gentlemen and so many of the tour pros make golf look easy, right?! That’s because their swings have perfect tempo.You should train your tempo with the Orange Whip Trainer. Swinging it just five minutes a day, before you tee off and also on the days you don’t get to play is great tempo training.

Plus, it’s an excellent fitness tool, as it works your core golf muscles and gives you a mini-cardio workout when you use it daily.

I highly recommend this training aid to all my students and have been endorsing it for more than ten years! Get yours today at: and receive a discount when you use promo code: Adam Smith.