The Perfect Setup - Every Time

Let’s look at it this way; you have fourteen different tools in your tool bag (golf bag) and they are all different lengths with various lofts. Seems difficult right? Not if you can rely on a constant variable.

This constant variable is an easily repeatable pre-shot routine. Simply stand up straight, and put your hands on your thighs. From there, simply bend at the waist with straight arms and slightly bent knees until the tips of your middle fingers touch your knee ligaments above the knee cap.

Now, let your hands hang and clap your hands. This is the position from which to grip your golf club. You’ll automatically see that you are standing further away with longer clubs, and conversely, closer to the golf ball with shorter clubs like wedges. Lastly, make sure that golf ball is lined up off your left ear. Notice that this is constant with any shot where the golf ball is on the ground and NOT on a tee. Ensure you have a wider stances with fairway woods, narrower stances with wedges, and notice the golf ball does not move from a perpendicular line even with your ear.

How easy is that? Please visit for a quick and easy virtual golf lesson.