The Return of the Chip

A great go to shot around the green for any player is a chip with a 9 iron. First, let me explain why a 9 iron…you see, a 9 iron will have around 45 degrees of loft. This is important when you think about ball contact and control. If you consider the equator of the ball sitting on the ground, 90 degrees and the bottom of the ball touching the ground 0 degrees…the 45 degree club has the most margin for error while still imparting enough lift and backspin for control.

The mechanics of the chip shot are simple; Use your regular full swing grip, set up with a narrow stance, ball in the middle and address the ball with the hands directly above the ball. Some coaches like a forward leaning shaft here but I don’t because this may introduce the leading edge of the club to the ground which will create a chunk. At this point, your arms and club will form the letter Y. Swing the Y back and forth the same distance while gently brushing the grass at impact. By maintaining the Y, you are basically making a long putting stroke.
Have fun with this simple to learn, easy to use shot.