The smell of coffee and pastries

It’s difficult to pick a favorite hole because there are so many fabulous holes out there. But there is a hole on a course in Sweden that I have fun memories of. The 10th hole at Djursholms Golf Club located in the City of Djursholm, Sweden (a suburb north of Stockholm). The course is a beautiful, tree-lined course that in most spots is more like a forest. There is an inter city train that runs through it to and from Stockholm. The 10th hole is almost a 90 degree dog leg right, from my memory it’s basically a 210 to 225 yard shot straight down the middle and then a wedge to the green. Cutting the corner is risky because the trees and brush are ready to grab your shot if you get too bold. I guess what really makes me pick this hole is the first few times I played it, you could smell coffee and pastries as you were playing the hole, there used to be a train stop that was basically a bench with an overhang, and a young lady selling coffee and a few delicious Swedish pastries. Since then, they have made a regular snack shack but you can still smell the coffee (Swedes love coffee) and pastries.