Think of the golf hole as the size of a trashcan lid

Think of the golf hole as the size of a trashcan lid when practice putting from 25 feet and further away. You want to roll your ball just inside that trashcan lid. Sometimes, just visualizing the hole as being a lot larger than it is, helps you mentally prepare for success. Set up a half dozen golf balls, 25 feet away from a hole on the practice putting green. Line up six golf balls that you regularly play with. Read each putt as you would, as if you were playing golf. Go through your pre-shot routine, for each golf ball. Putt all six golf balls, one at a time, using your pre-shot routine, to the same golf hole from the same distance. Evaluate the outcome of each putt. Reset all six golf balls from the same spot and do it again.

Continue with this strategy several more times, until you have hit a total of two dozen golf balls. Did you make any of those 24 putts? How many of them came up with in 2 feet from the hole (the trash can lid)? Did you learn the line and control the speed? Did you feel the importance of the pre-shot routine every time? Since successful lag putting is all about building confidence, do this lag putting exercise on the practice putting green, on a regular basis. Get ready to start building a more comfortable feel from 25 feet and out! Enjoy!