Think You Need New Clubs?

With all the technological advances in golf equipment, its easy to wonder if a new this or that would improve your game. Well, new dishes won’t turn a hot dog into a steak, so lessons are a far better investment. That said, my experience has been that the game has changed, and, as I age, so has my body. With harder, faster greens that we see today, and a slower clubhead speed that has my long irons, driver, and fairways on a noticeably lower trajectory, I’ve opted for lofted fairways instead of the standard three wood, a softer shaft and more loft in my driver, and may soon add a 62 degree wedge in the bag, because the old arsenal just isn’t appropriate anymore. You may have similar issues.

The best way to tell if new gear will help your game is to consult with your PGA professional, who will take all of these factors, and more, into consideration. But as for the new technology being superior, I play just as well with 30 year old Hogan irons as with my new ones. My best round last year was with persimmon woods and a 1960’s vintage set of Haig Ultra irons. Go figure!