Tiger Woods & Adam Scott

The topic at hand is difficult and a person can debate for hours and still may not be satisfied with just picking one favorite Tour player. I will have to go with my top two and the reasons why.

1. Tiger Woods: Simply put, Tiger is good for the game and the golf industry as he moves the needle for everything golf. Tiger has 82 PGA Tour wins and 15 Majors. Technically speaking he is a living legend that golf fans are rooting for to eclipse these records. Tiger is healthy and playing well thus achieving these milestones is not so far-fetched. Again, Tiger is good for the game as he gets us watching, thinking, wanting, and buying golf. It keeps golf in front of mind for just about everyone and it is good for golf clubs and golf pros!

2. Adam Scott: Adam has always been a favorite player of mine as I believe he has one of the best swings on Tour. Scott’s swing is technically sound, athletic, flexible, powerful and picturesque. I get that he hasn’t won as frequently as he may have should of, but golf is hard. We all know it. Scott’s demeanor and his image is relatively sparkling and doesn’t cause drama or unnecessary controversy like some players today.

Excited to see what other pros have as their pick(s) and why! Play golf everyone! Play a lot!!!