Train your Eyes and Instincts

Assuming one has a standard pre-shot routine to set up consistently, becoming misaligned is a gradual process. One gets a little off, then a little more, and still, the swing functions. Then a little more and “Boink!” It falls apart. At this point, the use of an alignment stick leads to, “Really? That feels like it’s aimed WAAAAYYY RIGHT! (or left)” The use of an alignment stick on a regular basis during practice sessions will keep you eyes and instincts aware of what correct alignment feels and looks like. Set one on the ground, aimed at the target line, then, once you’re set up, FREEZE! Don’t move, don’t look at the target….simply pin your club against your sternum and see if it is parallel to the alignment stick on the ground. When working on alignment, I’ll do, hit the shot, do it again, hit the shot, and then just hit a shot. Then repeat.