Trust your speed

Speed control may be the first and most important element in being a good putter. Good putters are usually good at judging speed. And some great putters were just born that way. If you were not blessed with that skillset, here is a simple drill to help you develop speed control.

On the practice green, set up two aiming sticks parallel on either side of the hole. Start with a one foot putt between the sticks, you know, the one to win the US Open. Close your eyes and be mindful of your grip pressure (feel) while continuing to make those short putts. As you “master” this skillset, lengthen the putts in one foot increments. Make the putter feel light in your hands by softening your hands and by lightly gripping the putter. Remember, the putter weighs nothing if you let the putter head rest on the ground as you apply your hands to your grip. Your feel will improve and and your tempo will slow down, giving you the “putting feel”, turning 3 putts into sinking putts.