Two Parts to the Answer:

1) “Who inspired you to get into golf and ultimately pursue becoming a golf professional?

​Initially I was inspired by watching Tiger Woods as a teenager make golf so exciting. Previously I was a Baseball, Football, and basketball player. Tiger brought energy to the game and before I knew it my parents picked up some old clubs and I was hitting balls in the backyard. While in my previous career, in the army, I would play with buddies on the weekend and found the love for the game again. After getting out of the military, I attended the Golf Academy of America in Orlando. This is where I learned the true art of the game by seasoned PGA Professionals who taught classes such as: Clubmaking, Instruction, Golf Architecture, Rules of Golf, and many others.

2) What was it that grabbed your attention and ignited that desire?

​My first job after graduating from GAA was an Assistant Pro job in Las Vegas. I never thought I wanted to teach the game, but rather focus on daily operations. It was at the first few clinics I hosted I fell in love with watching people learn and get better from instruction. This lead me to a job with the PGA Tour Learning Center as an instructor, and then to my current job as a Franchise Owner/Center Manager with GOLFTEC. There is no better feeling than seeing the gradual improvement of a student over time, and watching their skills sharpen as a student of the game. I know this motivates me to always find new ways to relay techniques and conduct training to better myself. The fire that drives me daily is helping my students become the best golfer they can be, and understanding the game at a higher level.