Use alignment rods when putting

The key to sinking putts is having your putter face aimed properly. Here’s a great tip for getting your putter face square at impact. On the practice putting green, find a 3 foot putt that is flat. Lay down two alignment rods, 4 inches apart and parallel to one another. With the golf hole on one end of the alignment rods, place a golf ball on the other end of the alignment rods. Place your putter head behind the golf ball. Make sure your putter face is aimed square to the hole, on this straight putt, by positioning the face of the putter so that it is perfectly perpendicular to the two parallel alignment rods. As you stroke the putt, visualize keeping the putter face straight. Try hitting several putts between the alignment rods and into the cup. It is a good visual that helps understand how a properly aligned putter face can help you sink more putts.