Use the right club and vary swing length

Too many people get in a bunker and automatically pull out the 60′ wedge–WRONG!!!!!!

If you have a short shot and need height and stopping power use the 60′. If you’ve got a long bunker shot and don’t need a lot of height–try your PW or gap wedge. Mid-length shots a 54 or 56 works fine.

The two most important keys to being a good bunker player is consistent entry point into the sand and consistent depth of cut. When you use more loft than you need you’ll need a bigger swing. The bigger your swing the harder it is to repeat these. Try a less lofted wedge and make the swing shorter.

You also have to vary swing length depending on the shot, always try to keep the length of the backswing short and the speed through the sand up. Speed will do 2 things–get the club through the same more easily and create more spin to help the ball stop.
One last thought–the longer the ball is in the air–the more it will tend to fade so aim a little more left (right hand golfer) if you go with a PW or GW out of the bunker.