Use your imagination!

So many players choose that “favorite” club that they almost always use to chip. I feel if they use a little imagination visualizing what they want to do, it will help them choose the right club.
First, is there any obstacle between you and the hole? If there is just green, you have many options. One, hit it high & roll a little. Hit it medium high, roll more. Roll it all the way to the hole. Let’s examine each one…

High & roll a little – You would probably use a sand or lob wedge, hit it most of the way there. This is not a bump & run! You may also hit it flush, which will create spin, so it could check up & not roll at all. Probably not the best choice.

Hit it medium, roll more – You could use your pitching wedge or even a 9 iron, hit it about halfway to the hole & let it roll the rest of the way.

Roll it all the way to the hole – If you are on the fringe, you can always putt, but really this is the true bump & run shot. I would use an 8 or 7 iron, some like a 5 iron, or even a hybrid. I would set up just like you chip, & you only have to hit it 3 feet or less, it will roll the rest of the way! You can also set up like a putt, using your putting grip, get the shaft of the club fairly vertical so the toe is down & stroke it like a putt.

These shots require practice! It’s not always your sand wedge or pitching wedge. Experiment with these shots, practice all three shots with one club, this will produce the feel of the shot(s) you want. It’s very similar to tossing the ball underhand. Good luck & have fun with it, you will see great results with practice & using your imagination!