When it’s Breezy, Swing Easy!

When it’s Breezy, Swing Easy.

“Tee it high and let it fly” is a good thought that can prove beneficial to the golfer who feels the wind at their back. And remember, when it’s blowing hard, the best thing to do is “swing easy.” Tempo is the key.

Golfers typically work too hard when they feel wind. Golfers tend to fight the wind, and we should not fight it. Take it easy and “swing, don’t hit!”

When the direction of the wind is directly in your face, so to speak, take a few simple precautions at address to combat the wind. Play the golf ball in the back of your stance. Lean the golf club shaft forward, so your hands are ahead and the golf club face is de-lofted. Take a three-quarter backswing and keep your head still. Swing easy and let the club do the work. Your modified set up will ensure that the flight of the ball stays low and does not get up into that face wind.