When Playing In The Wind, Manage Your Spin

When playing in windy conditions, a key element to a player’s success is to manage the amount of spin put on shots.

Many player’s try to hit down on the golf ball to flight it low in the wind (ie: ball position more back in stance at address). Unfortunately, this can lead to also creating more spin, negating any benefit to the low launch. Maintaining a relatively neutral ball position and simply taking a 3/4 swing with a less lofted club can be a far better option for the majority of players.

Managing spin off the tee is crucial, too. The common advice of teeing the ball lower with driver in the wind can actually cause an increase in spin rate, due to hitting the ball lower on the club face. Many players will also strike downward on the ball when it’s teed lower, resulting in a further increase in spin. It’s best to assure an upward angle of attack with driver by teeing it normal to reduce spin. If possible, hitting a draw off the tee can be a good option to maximize distance when heading into the wind.