when you’re ten years old, it’s funny what can influence you....

When I was ten years old I followed my father to the golf course one weekend.
Although I didn’t play golf, I enjoyed being outdoors and doing things by myself. While waiting for my dad to finish his round the head pro asked me if I’d like to make some money? Not wanting to miss an opportunity he handed me a shag bag and pointed to a field with golf balls scattered across it. “Pick up all those balls and I’ll pay you…” he said. I enjoyed picking up all those balls, making up little games as I went along. When I was finished I brought all the balls back to the pro shop and the head pro reached into his front pocket and proceeded to pull out the largest wad of bills I had even seen in my life! It must have been a million dollars!! (Remember, I’m ten…) He peeled off a fiver and handed it to me. OMG, now I’m rich too! That was my first day of working at The Rail Golf Club. I worked there until I left for college eight years later.

The head pros changed but they all carried their money in their front pocket with a money clip or rubber band. It may sound petty but that is what drew my into wanting to be a golf pro. I wanted to have a million dollars in my front pocket. As I grew up and matured I realized that wasn’t what being a success is all about but when you’re ten years old, it’s funny what can influence you….