Where is the widest fairway landing area

Are you playing from the tee box that corresponds to your carry distance with driver?
IF not than you will most likely hit a lot of Drivers in your quest to have less than 3 wood for your second shot 🙂

However, when playing the appropriate tee box it is best to look at the hole from green back to tee and find the widest part of the fairway especially if it provides a good angle to the days pin location.

For example, driver to 100 yards with a 15 yard wide fairway landing area is not advisable if 5 wood to the 150 marker leaves the player with a great angle and a 30 yard wide landing area. Fairways and greens is not just a catchy slogan!

Finally, take the least amount of risk to hit the widest portion of fairway and if that means hitting driver so be it.
Otherwise take less club and let your misses have a better chance of staying in play! Golf is a game where players manage their misses!