Who can get it up and down the best.

It is always tough to be a single player as a favorite. Only during the days of Tiger’s dominance was that possible.

Winged Foot is going to be the toughest test the players will face in quite a long time. Common sense would say that driving the ball in play will be at a premium which it will, however with some of the fairways only 20-28 yards wide and it looks like they will be running fast even the best driver of the ball is going to miss fairways. Winged Foot also has incredibly difficult greens and green complexes so if you miss the fairway you are going to probably miss alot of greens and have to deal with insanely hard up and downs. I don’t know the exact number but the last winner of the US Open at Winged Foot was Geoff Oglivy and he did not hit alot of greens on the weekend but pitched, chipped and putted beautifully.

So my pick is kind of a dark horse but another Aussie. Jason Day is near the top of strokes gained around the greens. Also, he has altered his swing to the point of not going at it so hard. Day just might keep it in play more and we already know he is wonderful around and on the greens. So I will go with Jason Day.