Working With Wounded Warriors

The highlight of my teaching career is working with our Wounded Warriors. Being able to take golf, and use it as a rehabilitation tools is a very unique and understated tool that many sports simply can’t mirror. When working with wounded warriors, the teaching methodologies are tested and challenged. Instructors who can teach golfers with adaptive needs (mentally or physically) stand out as some of the best in the nation.

For instance, when a golfer may not have the use of their trail leg, it becomes challenging to teach a foundation of the sport like “weight-shift”. During my interactions with a similar student, he struggled to get the ball airborne and on line. We simply strengthened his grip, and had him put the ball further back in his stance. With a very strong grip, and the ball in the middle back of his stance, he didn’t have to shift his weight, and his clubface was square at impact. He said he hit it further than when he had the use of both legs.

Although I was grateful to help a wounded warrior, I learned that golf is much more than a sport, and can be used as a therapeutic tool in one’s recovery. For all the wounded warriors out there, please visit and use the coupon code “Warrior” for a free golf lesson. Thanks for your service.