Wrists control the clubface angle

To correct scooping or flipping at impact and achieve a proper release in a golf swing, you can make the following wrist adjustments:

1. To Maintain a flat left wrist at impact, the wrists need a certain amount of ulnar deviation: Ensure that your left wrist remains flat (or slight flexion) at impact rather than cupped or extended. This will help you maintain a strong impact position and prevent flipping of the clubhead.

2. Having the correct grip pressure in the least three fingers of the lead hand and the two middle fingers of the trail hand through impact: This will help you deliver a more consistent strike and generate better ball flight.

3. Practice proper wrist hinge: Work on maintaining the correct wrist hinge throughout your swing, especially on the downswing and through impact. This will help you generate power and leverage while preventing any unwanted scooping or flipping.

By making these wrist adjustments and focusing on a proper release, you can improve your ball striking consistency and achieve a more efficient and powerful golf swing. Remember to practice these adjustments regularly to ingrain them into your swing and see improvement in your overall performance on the course.