Yes and No

You are just one golfer, with one swing. And believe it or not, your swing repeats.

Now think about this. How many items are you trying to remember when you make a swing? If you’re like most amateur golfers, you have too many thoughts as you swing. So why would you want to produce a completely different swing for each club, and the driver?

Let’s make this simple. You swing the same way, regardless of what club you hold. But, with the driver, you have to alter where the ball is struck within your swing, because you’ve placed the ball on a tee. So are you really altering your swing? No. Should you adjust how you set up so you can make the same swing with a driver? Yes.

That stated, it might be a good idea to watch the video I’ve included with this answer, so you understand 3 basic set up positions you need to make so your 1 swing can make a great pass through the ball with your driver.