You need to feel it, NOT think it

This is a great topic of discussion.

It is true that we are bombarded with so much information, technology, terminology and fancy theories about how to swing the golf club and develop good swing mechanics. It is fun to learn. Information and knowledge are GOOD in developing a solid game, up to point. The key for most golfers is to understand in general, solid fundamentals, balance, timing and feel aspects override specific details when it comes to performance. A player should learn to weed out what is a priority and beneficial to their own personal game.

This subject hits home with our OLDE SCHOOL GOLF SCHOOL Philosophy, which is that the game is ultimately about simple and solid fundamentals, feel, timing, rhythm, and understanding your personal tendencies and ability. We have several “feel” and “performance-based” exercises we use to help them learn to play, and spend time purging the multiple and paralyzing swing thoughts from students.

It is important to know that each individual and their golf swing is unique. A golf swing takes about a second and a third, and you need to feel it, NOT think it. This enables a golfer to focus on simple keys, swing freely and enjoy the game more.
Remember, ” Too much thinking, makes for Stinking”!

Robert Kotowski PGA
Director of Instruction
California Blind and Disabled Golf Association