James (Jim) Hackenberg

James (Jim) Hackenberg

PGA Golf Professional
Founder of Orange Whip Golf
Easley, SC

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Relax arms to avoid chicken wing and improve extension.

Posted on: 22 Mar 2024

Based on my teaching experience, most golfers that struggle with the ‘Chicken Wing’ or not achieving full extension is because they are using their arm strength to move the club and not allowing the natural swing motion to develop their full arc. By lifting the club and arms to control the club, the player will […]

Swing like you are on a Swing set

Posted on: 08 Dec 2023

Take any golf club or an Orange Whip and find enough space indoors to make full length swings, back and forth in repetition. This is just like a child on a swing, that continues the motion efficiently and in balance. By repeating this motion, you are learning to most efficiently swing the golf club without […]

Like a child on a swing!

Posted on: 12 Sep 2023

Since the golf ‘swing’ is a swinging motion, the best way I have been able to share the concept of transition from backswing to downswing, is to have my students recall the feeling of when they were a child swinging on a swing. I want them to remember what it felt like when they reach […]

Begin your alignment as you walk into the shot!

Posted on: 15 Jun 2023

Many golfers will stand next to their ball, and make a practice swing or two. Then, shuffle forward a few inches and address the golf ball. The issue here is that after a couple practice swings alongside the ball, and then a short movement forward; the likelihood of correctly aligning oneself to the target is […]

Proper Wrist hinge development

Posted on: 11 May 2023

During the golf swing, we can greatly increase clubhead speed through the leverage created by a proper wrist hinge. This hinge creates the Lever needed for additional speed desired by golfers during the unloading portion of the downswing. But, learning the proper loading in the wrist is the key element, and in the attached video […]

Quick Warmup for Golf

Posted on: 03 May 2023

Running to the first tee from the car is not recommended, but we’ve all done it! If pressed for time, it is important to get your body ready for the golf swing motion. First off, I encourage stretching your back, shoulders, wrists and hips. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, but I personally like […]

Proper Swing Plane leads to Balance, Power, and Consistency

Posted on: 19 Apr 2023

A golf club has an extended shaft that when addressed to a golf ball, creates a tilted angle. While the golfer is swinging, the ‘plane’ of that angle must be maintained throughout the swing to deliver the Club-head directly to the ball for impact. Since the golf swing plane is tilted, it’s not vertical like […]

Length of swing and ball position

Posted on: 14 Feb 2023

Growing up in North Dakota and then years later working at a club on the ocean, I dealt with wind often. As a younger player I used to close the clubface down and try smother the ball, but had inconsistent results. As I developed as a player I learned to swing either 2/3’s, 3/4 or […]

Rhythm, Balance, Flexibility

Posted on: 17 Jan 2023

1. I developed the ‘Orange Whip Trainer’ to provide a tool that users can swing in Repetitive Motion to improve their Rhythm by improving Sequence. 2. I developed the ‘Orange Peel’ to center one’s Core while they train their swing motion. This greatly improves Balance. 3. The ‘Stretching Pole’. I use the Stretching Pole prior […]

Rhythm and Balance

Posted on: 09 May 2022

With so many great players having a wide variety of style and technique, the one thing I find among all these players is great rhythm and balance. This leads to consistency, which makes it much easier to find your golf ball. For example, Jim Furyk has a unique swing, but he is a tremendous ball […]

Recoil to fully complete follow through

Posted on: 28 Apr 2022

Many golfers try to hold their finish in the follow through to achieve a completed swing, I did the same as a young golfer. But, as I’ve learned more about the swing and the management of your momentum, I feel that there is a recoil after you reach full follow through. This allows the momentum […]

Focus on Rhythm and Balance to improve Tempo!

Posted on: 17 Mar 2022

When we watch good golfers, it is easy to notice the beautiful Tempo they demonstrate. How did they get that consistent Tempo? Most skilled golfers have practiced (many, many hours) and been taught how to utilize the synchronization of their body and the club to produce a rhythmic and balanced golf swing. For the average […]

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