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Learn How to Hit Down on the Ball

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Learning how to hit down on the ball often comes from the left wrist (for a right handed golfer) being supinated. How can golfers learn this vital move without having a degree in kinesiology? Sometimes golf can be a game of opposites: swing left to hit it right. Hit down and the ball will go up. This one simple thing can unlock a world of difference for beginning golfers. In this post, you'll learn how to hit down on the ball and send the golf ball up in the air.

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How to stop hitting the golf ball thin!

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"Thin to Win" is what they say - it's often better than hitting behind the ball. However it can very frustrating when you can't seem to make solid contact. Here is how our golf professionals are going to stop you from hitting the middle of the golf ball.

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The Backswing Fix

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