Product Spotlight


Our Q&A with Paul Park of GPOD Golf.

“Tired of trying to record myself only to find my phone had fallen to the bottom of my bag…I wanted to create a solution for this so I made my own phone holder. The GPOD makes it much easier to attach and detach my phone to analyze my swing.”

The Orange Whip

A Q&A with Jim Hackenberg, Founder of Orange Whip Golf:  Swing training products and programs. Learn about Jim’s background, the inspiration for his invention, and new products from Orange Whip Golf designed to help your golf game.

On Point Golf

Our Q&A with Briston Peterson
Founder of Onpoint Golf

“We figured that there must be a better way to mark your golf ball. Our mission was simple: How can we create a better ball marker that seamlessly fits between the putter head and the golf ball? How can we create a ball marker that you can actually see? How can we create a ball marker that will improve your game? How can we create a ball marker that if used properly will help increase the pace of play? So, we designed, developed, patented, and traded marked the three dimensional Onpoint golf marker and the rest is history. “

The Backswing Fix

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