Are you looking to improve your golf game? It sure can be a challenge, especially when you’re trying to make a few small adjustments and changes here and there. Sure, practice makes perfect, but what if there was a way to fast-track the development of your skillset?

Enter deWiz Golf Swing Modifier – an innovative tool developed with the modern golfer in mind. Aimed at providing both novices as well as experienced players with helpful tweaks that will help boost their feedback cycle, this unique device has quickly become one of the hottest devices in the industry. Today we’ll explore how exactly it works and put together a comprehensive deWiz review so pros and aspiring duffers alike can get up close (and personal) with this must-have item for improving golf prowess.

Easy to put on, doesn’t really hinder the golf swing

The first thing you’re probably thinking is, “Is this going to hinder my golf swing?” The answer, “Not at all.” The deWiz feels just fine while wearing it and is barely noticeable after a few swings. It’s a comfortable rubber strap that is very adjustable and lightweight.

What does the deWiz track?

Transition, length of backswing, tempo, hand speed, swing plane, backswing width, and more. It’s almost too much to put in this review. You’ll want to watch our video above to see exactly what you can track while using the device.

To be honest, when I first put the deWiz on, I wasn’t sure exactly how this would improve my game. Then I started to use the app and really dig into all the numbers. I quickly found out that there was a lot more data than meets the eye.

Pro tip: invite a friend to help

I found the best way to improve while using this training aid is to have a friend (or better yet, your golf instructor) read you the numbers while you’re practicing. It’s a little difficult to go back and forth hitting shots and looking at the app. The app gives you a lot of detail, so it helped me when someone was able to tell me specific numbers after each shot so that I could adjust accordingly.

There is also a “learning stimuli” mode that sends an electrical shock to your wrist if you make a bad swing. I didn’t use this feature much, but it could be helpful for those who are really struggling with consistency in their swings. The instant feedback is nice, although you’ll definitely want to start with this on the lowest setting!


So, if you’re looking for a device that will help you analyze your golf swing metrics, help develop consistency, and provide live feedback on each swing, the deWiz could be your answer. However, it’s not for the faint of heart – you really need to dig into the data and invest the time it takes to learn each skill. Serious golfers only!

Product Name:  deWiz Golf Swing Modifier
Category:  Swing Trainer
Purpose:  To provide instant feedback with data of your actual swing, which helps you more consistently hit the ball longer, straighter, and closer.
How it works: Check out the about page directly from deWiz.
Company website:
Where to purchase: deWiz Golf Website